MadHair Salon
MadHair Salon


  Here's few things about me:

Family is #1. Check the home page again to see what im workin with

I watch every city of the Housewives franchise, Teen Mom, Vanderpump Rules, Hollywood Medium & The Zoo like my life depends on it. and in that order. (theres more but this is already too many, we haven't met yet)

I change my hair -style, color, shape, size, length WHATEVER - every few months. And no my hairs not damaged. (can u tell i hate that question)

I hate taking selfies, but I'm working on it.

Ive wanted to be a hairdresser since I was a kid and the older I got I just hoped I didn't suck at it!

I love Disneyland but you won't catch me watching the movies. I only watch movies once.

I love french fries and hate baked potatoes. love ketchup and hate tomatoes. OH and hate chocolate and avocado. sue me. 

Sometimes I wear a good amount of makeup and sometimes I wear nothing. So be whoever you want to be when you come in. All I see is you.

I have anxiety and you'll see me post about it now and then but will never see it.

Im a very self reflecting person. so this website, my salon suite, and myself will change often !